Anguilla is laden with beautiful white sand beaches and tranquil sapphire waters that adorn the coast; two features that have drawn visitors and vacation seekers to the island for the past several years.

Investment opportunities in Anguilla’s have been partially concentrated in the area of beach resorts, commercial areas, chic villas, and even a golf course as a result of the island’s beautiful oceanfront land that offer fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea and gold laced with pink sunsets.

Many of these investment projects are undertaken by property developers, private individuals from foreign countries and real estate agencies that have chosen to either settle in the Anguilla or invest their energies and finances in the development, sale, rent or purchase of available crown lands and private properties. This investment trend directly affected the real estate industry, transforming it into a very competitive and viable business sector. In Anguilla, competitiveness on the real estate market translates into attractive offers, competitive and affordable rates and continued expansion, thus promising wonderful investment possibilities.

There are a number of real estate agencies and agents, many of whom, besides the friendly and professional real estate services that they offer, provide hospitality services for first time visitors, arranged air port and ferry pick-ups, private charter boat services and organized snorkeling and scuba diving tours. These features of Anguilla’s business environment have attributed to the quality and high standards for which Anguilla’s real estate and hospitality industry have become reputed, while giving potential investors and home makers additional incentive to visit the island and explore the investment opportunities that are available.

Anguilla’ pristine beaches, warm tropical climate, friendly people and economic growth have also benefitted the tourism industry through increased tourist arrivals be it through regular scheduled flights and ferry services via the island’s small Wallblake International Airport, Blowing Point Ferry Terminal or private jets and catamarans arrivals.

Anguilla is served by American Airline with direct connections from Puerto Rico and other major regional carriers such as LIAT (Leeward Island Air Transport), Coastal Air and Island Airways, which serves St. Barthelemy, Dutch St. Maarten and Antigua. Regular scheduled ferry services are also available to and from French St. Martin between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00 in the evening. These services allow for easy and frequent inter island and international travel, as many of Anguilla’s neighboring islands have excellent international airport facilities and enable travel to Europe and other countries.

Anguilla’s financial sector also offers excellent opportunities for investment. The island’s financial services industry has experienced the growth anticipated upon the enactment of a series of laws in the 1990s and over the past 3 to 4 years. These include the Telecommunications Act, Mutual Funds Act, Insurance Act, Banking Act, Trusts Act and the Trust Companies and Offshore Banking Act (TCOBA).

The offshore industry in Anguilla has experienced similar expansion through the formation of International Business Companies (IBCs), Offshore Limited Partnerhips, Offshore Trust Companies and Anguillan Local Companies. Anguilla’s offshore sector presents many opportunities for potential investors that are interested in going offshore by simply incorporating an IBC, Trust or LLC, or opening offshore businesses that operate within Anguilla. In regards to the latter, offshore businesses that function in Anguilla must meet certain basic requirements and establish professional contact with local lawyers and accountants; locally based offshore companies are not allowed to offer their services and conduct business with local residents and companies.

The provision of offshore services is regulated by specific legislation enacted with the objective of ensuring that offshore and domestic services are provided within a standardized legislative framework and that the corresponding laws are respected by all services providers.

Investing in Anguilla offers several tax benefits as zero corporate, capital gains, inheritance and wealth are levied on foreign and local investors. Anguilla is a truly tax free offshore jurisdiction and tax haven that facilitates the establishment of new business ventures and ideas. Of special interest to potential investors would be the Anguilla’s deregulated, affordable and advanced telecommunications facilities and services. This is coupled with Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network which allows offshore companies to be electronically and instantly registered via the internet, the availability of new company names can be checked and annual fee payments can be done via ACORN’s internet secure payment facilities.

The Financial Services Commission is the body appointed with the duty of overseeing, administering and regulating the financial sector. The existence of this organization as well as a number of anti-money laundering laws based on regional and international policies and standards, coupled with political and economic stability give credibility to the island’s offshore sector.

Anguilla investors are assured of receiving returns on their investments as Anguilla offers an exotic paradise with an economy that promises growth in a tax free environment of zero corporate, capital gains and inheritance taxes both to local, foreign and offshore companies.